Tuala Morn and the 6th Edition of Fantasy HERO

A few months ago, Randy asked me to develop a fantasy campaign to run at the store.  The purpose of this campaign would be to offer something a little “different” from the already successful Pathfinder Society games being run.  We’ve noticed that there is a segment of the PFS crowd that are starting to look for something new for their fantasy games, a way to take a break from the now familiar combination of the rules of Pathfiinder and the settings in Golarion.  For me, the system I would use is pretty clear, being Fantasy HERO from HERO Games.  The setting was a bit more of a consideration.  I didn’t want to use a classic High-Fantasy setting that would end up being an easy comparison to Golarion, or the Forgotten Realms.  Even though I feel that Fantasy HERO is equally as rich as Pathfinder, I realized that even the excellent Turakian Age setting would not diverge far enough from the environment that Pathfinder Society is already providing our community.  I though briefly about Valdorian Age, but the real gem that called to me out of my library was Tuala Morn.

Tuala Morn is a rich and deep Celtic Fantasy Setting.  As to be expected from Steve Long, it’s detailed and thorough, and incorporates all sorts of mythology and lore particular to mythic Ireland and pre-Christian England.  The environment is familiar to most fantasy gamers, with enchanted forests, standing stones, druids, wizards, kings castles and monsters, but does diverge from the generic “Europe in the 14th and 15th century” feel of most fantasy campaigns.  Tuala Morn is a land where the rulers share mystic ties with the realms they rule.  It is a land where Druids stand in place of both court wizards and High Priests.  It is a land where a Bard can change the political landscape with a song or tale.  And where a bold Hero wanders the land with a warband, sans armor and carries a Hero’s Spear rather than wearing a suit of armor and bearing a flashing sword.  I was able to read into this magical land a clear sense of Mystery and Romance which I would be able to relate to my community of players, as well as offer them the opportunity to really explore a new realm of fantasy.

I’ve spent the weeks and months that followed converting a great deal of Tuala Morn from it’s 5th edition HERO roots to the current 6th edition of the game, mostly using an adaptation of Champions Complete and filling in any gaps with Fantasy HERO 6th and the two-volume toolkit of HERO 6th edition.  This work, with the help of HERO Designer is pretty much done now.  I ran a Tuala Morn event this weekend at Conquest Sacramento and was very pleased with how the adaptation of the rules and the setting translated into practical game play.  I’m ready to take the next step and launch a campaign when the new store opens.


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