Pelorans and Moradinites

With this initial playtest, the D&D Next designers gave us two different clerics, to help illustrate the flexibility of the Domain System.  After playing both clerics several times  I’m coming to the conclusion that the Cleric of Moradin, designed to reflect the classic early example of a Cleric with Armor, Shield, Warhammer and Divine Spells is playing as it intended.  But the Cleric of Pelor, intended to be a more Mystic-themed, spell reliant cleric is lacking.

Pelor’s Cleric is simply lacking in the ability to cast enough spells to make the intended build worthwhile.  When compared to the Wizard, the Cleric of Pelor has a very limited selection of abilities.  In the end, he simply ends up using Radiant Lance repeatedly, which quickly becomes monotonous.  What the Mystic Cleric needs is a greater selection of Orisons, at least 4 (the Wizard has 6 to choose from) and an extra first level spell at Levels one and two.  In exchange, the Mystic Cleric would be restricted to only Light Armors and simple weapons.

Channelling Divinity needs to be expanded as well, beyond simply Turning Undead (which is a GOOD Channelling option, and should be kept as the playtest moves forward.)

I think what should be done ultimately, is to branch the Mystic Cleric “build” off into it’s own subclass of cleric, with a spell progression comperable to the Wizard, and perhaps extra daily uses of Channel Divinity.  Armor and fighting skills would be more restricted when compared to the Moradinite Cleric.


One thought on “Pelorans and Moradinites

  1. Channel Divinity must have a healing option at higher levels. I feel that they should have powered it down slightly. I can see some very interesting ‘Mystic cleric spells’ that use the Hit Dice mechanic. Perhaps restoring hit dice or allowing hit dice to be spent in combat.

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