A couple or three years ago I started a project for a city setting in D&D.  I wanted a really big and central city, in the tradition of Constantinople or Rome.  A place where all roads cross.  A little bit of research later, I learned that I could make the city on an island near the mouth of a river emptying into the sea.  A little sketching later, Aerjenvii was born.  I’ve written a couple of setting outlines around Aerjenvii, and even ran an abortive Pathfinder campaign.  But the city just wasn’t finished enough.

On Tuesday I was inspired by the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter video.  I’ve been a Deadlands fan for a long long time, and the Hardboiled edge of Noir with the Fantasy elements of Deadlands really touched a chord with me.  So, I broke out my overpopulated, dense fantasy metropolis, and reworked the map a bit.  I think I might fuel my imagination with some good Noir Films.  I’ll try to not be pretentious about it.

In any event, here is the Map of Aerjenvii, Star of the Sovereign Realms.

City Map

The Great City of Aerjenvii, Star of the Sovereign Realms


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